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Joan Miró
Joan Miró
(1893 - 1983)

Spanish painter.

Joan Miró's colorful art veers toward abstraction but always maintains a connection to nature, humanity and the cosmos.     

His work had a surrealist tendency such that the realms of the memory and imaginative fantasy were twin poles around which Miró's art has evolved.

It was through his relationships with Surrealists poets and painters in Paris in the 1920s that Miró developed a visual language of signs. His highly detailed paintings offered a new system of symbols in the form of curvilinear lines...

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Rare Individual Prints  |  Miró  

Miro - Air

Miro - Archipel Sauvage IV
Archipel Sauvage IV

Miro - L'Adorateur de soleil

L'Adorateur de soleil

Miro - Céramiques I

Céramiques I

Miro - Céramiques II

Céramiques II

Miro - Colombine au Miroir
Colombine au Miroir

Miro - Le Cracheur de Flammes

Le Cracheur de Flammes

Miro - Le Delire du Couturier, Aubergine

Le Delire du Couturier, Aubergine

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