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Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali
(1904 - 1989)

Spanish painter, graphic artist, filmmaker, writer.

A modern master of the surreal arts, Salvador Dali's works continually challenged convention by questioning the antithesis of surrealism: our normal sense of the "real."

Surrealism's objective was to make accessible to art the realms of the unconscious, irrational and imaginary. An expansive movement that extended beyond the canvas, Surrealism embraced literature, music, cinema, philosophy and popular culture. Dali's works drew inspiration from fellow Surrealists, such as Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Joan Miro...

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Casanova  |  Dali  

Dali - Casanova - six eggs

Six oeufs [six eggs]

Dali - Casanova - ants, nails & flies on nude

Six oeufs [ants, nails & flies on nude]

Dali - Casanova - nude couple, large serpent

Du beurre, du miel, et du safran [nude couple, large serpent]

Dali - Casanova - large flask

L'amour sommelier [large flask]

Dali - Casanova - cut cucumber

L'amour sommelier [cut cucumber]

Dali - Casanova - bird on tongue

Un ambigu stimulant [bird on tongue]

Dali - Casanova - eye watches from peephole

Un ambigu stimulant [eye watches from peephole]

Dali - Casanova - girl and pig

Le souper de Nina [girl and pig]

This suite is comprised of 14 full page original engravings with lithographic color after the original watercolors. Published in 1967, Dali illustrates seven tales written by Jacques Casanova, the famous adventurer, author and womanizer. Casanova was so famous as a womanizer, his name remains synonymous with the art of seduction. Although multi-faceted and complex, Casanova's personality was dominated by his sensual urges: 밅ultivating whatever gave pleasure to my senses was always the chief business of my life; I never found any occupation more important.? Dali뭩 artistic genius created works that provoke and liberate desire, adding a Dali-esque twist to Casanova뭩 tales. The stories include: Six oeufs; Du beurre, du miel, et du safran; L뭓mour sommelier; Un ambigu stimulant; Le souper de Nina; Le jeu des huitres; and En attendant le chocolat.

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