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Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall
(1887 - 1985)

Russian Painter, illustrator, ceramist, designer.

Known as a Parisian artist, Marc Chagall always maintained an interest in his Russian origins and his Jewish heritage.

His oeuvre is an amalgam of eastern Judaic spirituality, Hasidism, Russian folk art and French modernity. Although Chagall cannot be classified under one artistic movement, the influence of Orphism, the magic of Henri Rousseau and the religious fervor of Georges Rouault all join forces in his works to create a separate universe — a world with a passion for fairytales and recurring themes of clowns...

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Chagall - Israelities Passage to Jordan

Israelities Passage to Jordan

Chagall - Solomon Praying in the Temple

Solomon Praying in the Temple


Chagall - The Rainbow, God, Earth

The Rainbow, God, Earth

Chagall - God Will Have Mercy on the People of Jacob

God Will Have Mercy on the People of Jacob

Chagall - Deliverance of Jerusalem

Deliverance of Jerusalem





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